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Sound only ?

Question asked by syh1116 on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2013 by shaw-matt


I just turned on the TV this morning and there is no video display. Only audio.

Audio works fine.

I tried rebooting the HD box and reconnecting HDMI cable on both the TV end and HD box end.

When I turn on the TV the video would display for 1-2 seconds and goes black

I had the same problem in the garage and I rebooted the HDbox and it started working fine.

Am I supposed to always leave HD box turned on?

Does this happen every once in a while?

What trouble shooting can I do?

and I dont know if this matters but my HD boxes are P3 and the old owner had P2, which is why for every HD box I wanted to connect to TV, I had to call shaw and had someone come and re-route the cables.. because with the existing setup, the TV did not get any signals.


Thanks !