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'Severe' wi-fi interference on all channels

Question asked by ashleygshaw on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by corbin

Since we moved last month, my wi-fi seems to drop or slow severely at random intervals (sometimes every 10 mins, sometime every few hours).  Shaw sees no problem on their end, and tells me that it's likely due to wi-fi interference from the building or neighbours.  I've tried moving the modem/router (Cisco DPC 3825) to different parts of the house, and I've been trying to change the channel to avoid interference, but every channel I select says 'interference level: severe'.   As asking all the neighbours to rid themselves of potentially interfering devices seems likely to end in my being run out of the neighbourhood, I have no clue how to resolve this.  Is it possible to get a different modem/router that runs on the 5GHZ frequency?  Or to set up a separate router?