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Discussion created by aldrimus on Aug 4, 2013
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I have also been having this problem... I have reported it before but no solution has been forthcoming to date, so thought I'd add my reply here.


I have the DCX3510-M model HDPVR.


This has happened randomly several times now, and there's no discernible pattern. It can happen when:

1. The show is the highest priority in my priority list.

2. There are no conflicting shows scheduled at the same time.

3. With a show in a series that is set to record 'all episodes'

4. Randomly on a series that has recorded several episodes but now somehow skipped one.


I have tried the following to no effect to save time with solutions since these are the things tech support seems to default to:

1. unplugging the PVR and plugging it back in.

2. unplugging the PVR and removing the cable as well and plugging both back in.

3. deleting the series and re-creating it.

4. deleting the series, unplugging the pvr, and then re-creating the series.


Tonight, for example, the new True Blood aired on HBO at 9:00 PM as usual. My series recording didn't record it. I noticed when I went to watch it, and have now set up a single recording for 11:00 PM tonight.


Edit: Below is the thread from the last time this happened....interestingly, it's actually the same series.