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Question asked by phantor48 on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by shaw-matt

The situation with recording live performances seems to get worse all the time.


If you are recording a live performance as a one-off, you are presented with the option of adding additional time in case the event runs past the scheduled end. That's a good thing.


BUT, if you want to record a SERIES of live events (e.g. CFL games or draws in the Brier), any hope of adding extra time flies out the window. That's not a good thing.


There is a global PVR setting to add extra time to live events, which would be good except that the 3510 evidently ignores this setting entirely. That's not a good thing either.


So, the other day, I tried to implement a "Plan B". I had a bunch of CFL games set to record as part of a series. But since several games already this season have gone past their scheduled end, I wanted to add extra time. So one by one, I deleted these games then manually re-added each of them as one-offs, whereupon I was allowed to add extra time. Convoluted, but at least it solved the problem, right?


WRONG! It would seem that Shaw's Mothership reviews my recording schedule and decides that these games are part of my series after all, AND REMOVES THE EXTRA TIME THAT I HAD ADDED!! So when the last scheduled 3-hour game recorded, it stopped at three hours, just like before.


It now appears that the only way to add extra time will be to delete the series entirely, and manually enter each and every game that I want to record, adding extra time as I wish. But I am going to be away when some games, now beyond the extent of the future telecast schedule, will be coming on, and I will not be here to manually add them.


Which rather defeats the whole purpose of series recordings on the PVR, does it not?


Have I ever mentioned how sick I am getting of Shaw's intransigence about actually fixing this 3510 mess, or at least making it up to their public beta testers? Lame excuses and condescending comments only make me angrier.