*some* non-subscribed channels do not clear from HD Guide listings

Discussion created by bcb on Aug 8, 2013
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I've mentioned this problem before a couple times, to no real resolution, so here's a chance to use this new forum format


in summary, the HD Guide only shows channels you have subscribed to - personally I find this to be a great feature of the HD Guide. From time to time, Shaw has free previews of new channels - these preview channels automatically show up in the guide. Later when the free preview of a channel ends, presumably (as I've been told by Shaw support) that no-longer accessible channel should disappear from the guide.


But I've noticed these unsubscribed channels do not always disappear from the guide listing. And more than that, the behaviour of recently unsubscribed channels varies from case to case. 


over the past several months, I've made some specific observations

1)  some channels disappear automatically from the guide listing without user action, as you would hope they'd do. sometimes it may take a couple days to disappear - fair enough.

2) some channels don't seem to disappear, their listings linger many days past they were enabled on your account.

3)  no-longer available channels that linger in the guide sometimes show up as a blank line. ie. channel number and logo show up on the left of the guide, but the program info area to the right is completely blank. So you can't even try to tune to that channel or select a program, it just takes up space in the guide

4) other no-longer available channels still show full program listings in the guide. but when you try to access a listed program you get an "Authorization Failed" error message

5) some unsubscribed channels that don't disappear, will finally disappear from the guide after a power cycle

6) but some unsubscribed channels won't disappear even after a power cycle. (e.g. power unplugged for 15 minutes)


when I first got my 3510, I changed my subscription package and as a result some old channels I used to pay for were no longer included in the new package. but like the free preview channels those unsubscribed channels stayed in the guide, at least until the next power cycle


a specific recent example:


recently free previews ended for eqhd ch247, radX ch248, HiFi ch249.  I think these were supposed to end July 4 but they remained active until around mid July.


well for the first while all 3 channels remained in the guide listings past when they stopped being available to watch.

- at first Ch 247 showed up as a blank line, but ch248 and ch249 showed full listings as if they were still active yet gave Authorization Failed when selected. Because ch247 was a blank line, you couldn't tune to that channel or a program on it at all

- A few days later eqhd ch247 completely disappeared from the listings on its own. hooray

- I purposed avoided power cycling my 3510 the past few weeks to see if the remaining channels would disappear. But they did not, ch248 and ch249 have continued to show a full program listing in the guide even today, now several weeks later. Notice the inconsistent behaviour of the preview channels.


so today I power cycled the 3510. Ch248 and ch249 are still there. repeated power cycles. same thing. then a 15 minute unplugged from the wall before powering up again. the channels still remain, complete with full program listings.


obviously not as serious a problem as the various PVR-recording related issues, but still something weird going on - at the very least it's not consistent nor predictable.


IMO I say this is a bug in how the guide listings get updated.


If an advertised (and very useful) feature of the HD Guide is to only show your subscribed channels, then the removal of non-subscribed channels should be automatically handled by the 3510 too.