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NEW Old Gateway

Question asked by houndad on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by mark_vse

SO, after months of frustration with the DCM3510X and telling Shaw I was done, they today installed the Gateway system with 3 portals.

*note: installed said he was allowed 94 minutes to complete his task and he rushed through instructions to not go over. Ridiculous.


FIrst impressions: seems to work OK so far but is missing several key functions in it's software. NO current channel display, NO control of the guide as to size, color etc., rather pathetic guide as compared to thier latest (NO channel emblems etc.), NO exit button, convoluted process to get to settings, NO day jump to set up recordings, won't recognize the Shaw supplied external drive, one faulty portal out of three, NO power off buttons or commands, NO page

up / down...and this is day one.


Seems as though this technology is 2/3 years old. WHY does Shaw keep putting out 2nd class, unreliable hardware. Isn't someone responsible for quality

checks before they buy another boat load of junk? Must be some nepotism involved = the idiot son? Seems like the bottom $$ line gets the contract, regardless of what crap they're offering for sale!

Poor business plan to drive customers crazy and cause yourself alot of extra work methinks.