Ping spikes to certain servers making games unplayable

Discussion created by chigdig on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I have had shaw for 8 months now in the downtown vancouver area.  I have played the same game over these 8 months with no issues at all and no ping spikes or speed problems or anything of that nature.


There is a server I frequent often that I believe is located in California which I normally ping 40-50 too, but ever since the past 3 weeks or so I get constant ping spikes from 40-200 every 20-30 seconds.  I can connect to servers on the east coast, and maintain a normal stable high ping (which is still unplayable, but interesting to note).


I have browsed around and seen that other people have been complaining about the exact same issue I have, and many who play the exact same game (counter-strike).  My question is, is there anything being done about this?


Has anyone found out what's going on and why so many shaw users are seemingly experiencing this problem at the same time?  It's surely more than a coincidence.


I have seen about 5 counter-strike streams today in which the player had shaw as their ISP and was getting these ping spikes today.  PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS.