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Many dead spot in my house

Question asked by pmarch35 on Aug 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by kevinds


I am a new shaw customer, I had the DPC 3825 installed which seem ok until we noticed that it is a weak wireless.

If I put it downstairs, I cannot use internet in my bedroom, if I put it upstairs, I get dead sport and  dropping wireless downstairs.

Does shaw have a better MODEM then the DPC3825 and if yes how do I get it change.


Also I have been playing with channels to see if it would improved and all I got is my devices dropping the wireless connection randomly.

I really hate this modem, when I was with rogers in ontario, I never had that problem.


If I cant change it, which router should I buy to get a great range in the house ???


any help would be greatly appreciated, i am getting really frustrated especially when I download something and it just stopped and I dont notice it for an hour while my wireless has dropped







PS: I am a computer geek so I have done all the troubleshooting already that I could find on shaw and internet