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Gateway Problem

Question asked by witlessone on Aug 11, 2013
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I hope someone out there can shed some light on this one.


I had a Shaw Gateway + 1 Portal installed last Wednesday (August 6).


This weekend was the first time that I watched TV for any length of time, and I've noticed the following:


  • Every 4 to 10 minutes the programme freezes for approximately 30 seconds, and then picks up again, skipping the missing part of the programme.
  • Of the 6 lights on the front of the Gateway, a minumum of 2 are flashing at any given time.
  • When the programme freezes only 2 lights are steady, the rest being either off or flashing.


I have tried powering down both the Gatweway and the Portal, and re-seating all of the co-axial cable connections, with no discernable improvement. Obviously this makes watching TV next to impossibe.  If this can be sorted without a 2-hour wait on the phone to Shaw I would be very much relieved.