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Cancellation and Refund

Question asked by mmgood on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by kevinds

--on July 1st I gave 30 day notice to cancel Shaw service (only had internet), end service date of July 31st.

--on July 10th which was my regular billing time I was charged for a full month, ie. to August 10th.

--then on my customer care page it showed a balance owing of negative $17.26.

--about July 30th, to avoid any surprises, I contacted Shaw to verify when I could expect the $17.26 refund, a nice fellow said the refund would be issued within a few days of the end service date and only to the credit card I had been using for autopayments.

--Fine so far.

--after waiting till now, 2 weeks past end service date, I tried chatting with a Shaw representative and for the first time got difficult customer service from Shaw, some of the questions the rep asked honestly seemed like a joke,we were just going in cirlcles, rep did not help and would not connect me to a supervisor (although if none were around I understand that).


Anyway thats the timeline, am I misguided, I gave proper notice so expected a refund.  One rep tells me to expect it on my credit card automatically after service is terminated. It does not get refunded so I chat with another rep tonight and like I said we went in circles with no resolution with questions about have I/will I formally apply to have the refund given to me?


Anyone with refund input?