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My Home Shaw internet wireless sucks!

Question asked by madgary on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by meltedyeti

I decided to leave Telus after many years and switch to Shaw. I had a 15M Telus service that would clock at 25M on average. I now have a 20M Shaw service that clocks at 19 M and change. Thats not the big problem. It's the fact that when I open my laptop, it doesn't even show my LAN! I get dropped while online constantly. I have moved the crappy little modem around to try and improve it's range. I have been dropped twice as I type this!. When installed, the tech said that the big antenna Telus modem was old technology (this is the guy that walk away without even getting Gateway working!), but it worked in the backyard!.



I just got knocked off again and had to put in my password!