recording kicks out to live TV (still)

Discussion created by bcb on Aug 16, 2013
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ok this is neither a new problem nor a unique one, but since this is the new forum format and because this problem is still happening now almost 8 months and two firmware updates, I thought I'd throw it in here, especially since there seem to be some new 3510 owners here in the forum lately...


I recorded Godfather Part III, on AMC ch53, 9:30pm on Aug 13.  (also recorded Godfather parts I and II earlier on same day)


playback of Pt III consistently quits at 3hr 10min into the 4hr recording, kicking it back out to live TV. It is impossible to view or FF past the 3:10 mark, every time I try to playback the recording. Meanwhile the 2 other movies recorded and played back fine.


I personally haven't encountered this problem for a perhaps a few months now, but it's definitely an old problem that's been happening right from the beginning, and I know many others have seen it.


I believe this is one of the couple of identified issues in the (long-promised) upcoming mysterious software update that was mentioned about a month ago now, in a post that seems impossibly difficult to find in this new forum format...  I also note that in spite of [shaw]sean's promise to try and post a more useful list of known issues somewhere, that still hasn't happened even after several discussions in this forum and also on the phone