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Shaw Assist - get lost and stay lost - how?

Question asked by internaut on Aug 17, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2013 by shaw-colin

I would really like to know how I can stop, permanently, Shaw from accessing my computer and shoving services at me that don't want, never did - never will. It is an invasion of my rights and privacy to find Shaw keeps putting Shaw Assist on my browsers without asking. I keep opting out, Shaw ignores it. Where would Shaw be if we could ignore the bill!


Don't tell me how I can remove myself from the forced-on service, I use it many times. Probably once a week or so, I have to take the time to tell Shaw Assist to get OFF. But, Shaw seems to know what's best for me. NOT! I know what's best for me and having Shaw Assist force me to use Shaw Assist is the same as Shaw's illegal negative billing program. It equals 'wrong'.


I want Shaw to stop, permanently, forever, from interrupting my browsing with it's "Did you mean...?" NO,. I know what I mean and I don't need Shaw interrupting and making rude suggestions.


I don't care what kind of 'service' it is attached to. READ MY LIPS   I DON"T WANT SHAW ASSIST! How hard is that to put in place and make it stick.


Shaw stop ASSuming what I want. I'm not one of the sheople that hang off your scheming bells and whistles. I already pay Shaw for things I don't receive, so please do to Shaw Assist what you do with speed, lose it!


I'm going to turn it off again, for the last time, for if it shows up again, I will write to the CRTC, and the Privacy commissions in Ottawa and BC.


Now, if you don't get any of that, call me, I'll use more precise language.