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What's going on with channel 211 (GLBHD) in the West Kootenays?

Question asked by mongo on Aug 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by tyler

On August 14th in the West Kootenays, channel 211 switched from Global HD Toronto to Global HD Kelowna (CHBC)... The channel WAS showing the CHBC feed with local Kelowna news, but in the past day or so I've noticed it's now switched to the Global HD Vancouver feed, with the CHBC listings still remaining on screen... For example, on the CHBC website as well as the on-screen listings right now, it says CHBC News @ 5:30 is supposed to be on, but it's showing Global National, which is what's on Global HD Vancouver... One other thing that's conflicting is that on the Shaw bulletins page it said in the West Kootenays, Shaw was switching channel 211 to the Global HD Vancouver feed, but on the TV listings page on Shaw it says 211 is the Global HD Kelowna feed... I personally would rather have CHBC because it's more local to the West Kootenays and I know many people who feel the same... Is there any way to keep the Global HD Kelowna (CHBC) feed on 211 in the West Kootenays?... Thanks for your time!