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SMC Modem Internet Loss Problems

Question asked by andyg on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by shaw-matt
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Since approx April I have had continuous ongoing problems with intermittent or extended internet connection failures which are now occuring almost on a daily basis.


This originally manifested itself most frequently at shortly after midnight. 00:10 - 00:15 being most prevalent. In some occasions service was not restored until around 6am.


However, lately this is now becoming an issue during the business day and into the evening at all hours. No specific pattern is showing. As recently as a half hour ago prior to posting this at 3.40pm I had a loss of Internet yet again.


I have tested this with a direct connection also whilst trying to solve the issue. The Internet has returned and then very shortly later been lost.

The only solution has been to do a complete reboot of both modem and router and even then this is not guaranteed to solve the issue. Quite often I get Internet access for 1-2mins and then the loss occurs again.


In some occasions only connecting to the Modem direct. Doing a reboot. Establishing internet access over a period of 5-10 mins is maintained then connecting to the router has solved the issue.


Some days it appears that Internet has been established without loss for 1-2 days. At other times its an almost daily/nightly occurrence for loss of Internet.


As a business user this whole situation is now becoming completely unacceptable due to the frequency.


My hardware is a SMCD3GN modem in Bridged mode connecting to a D-Link DIR-835 Router.

When Internet access is lost the Shaw Modem quite often displays a flashing wi-fi indicator light (and bear in mind the Modem is in Bridged mode).