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moving and shaw cant move me to my new address for over 3 weeks!!

Question asked by kellyeng on Aug 20, 2013
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does anyone else have to wait this long for a transfer appointment?

I am really disappointed I have to wait this long for an appointment to move homes:(

it is so important I have my internet as my father is going in for a knee op in the uk and the net is the only way to keep in touch so I am stressed to death here!

Also I move out my current place this weekend so what happens to my shaw in this address as a new tenant moves in on the 1st sept?

I am also waiting for a call back from a shaw rep since friday and still no call is the customer service usually this bad?

I hope somebody can shed some light on why it takes so long for a engineer to move you or are they short staffed?


thanks in advance for any replies,