DCX3510-M Never Records Broadchurch to End of Episode

Discussion created by lmacri on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by orakulo

I've tried recording several episodes of Broadchurch (Showcase Channel 28) with my DCX3510-M HDPVR, but each time the playback of the recording stops (i.e., black screen with no audio) anywhere from 2 to 57 minutes into the 60 minute recording. The listing in the guide's Recordings section does not indicate that there a problem with the recording (i.e., no broken icon, length of recording is the full 60 min).  If I try to fast forward when the screen goes blank, the playback of the recording often loops back and starts replaying the episode from the beginning, or simply exits out to the guide's Recordings section.  This has occurred with every new and repeat episode of Season 1 of Broadchurch.


The latest failure occurred yesterday (Mon Aug 19, 2013 @ 9:00 PM CT/10:00 PM ET).  I was watching the episode on live TV while recording and lost the audio on live TV at 9:54, which corresponds to the same time (i.e., 54 min) that the playback of the recording failed.  I've noticed this before if I'm watching Broadchurch live while recording - if the picture and/or audio disappears on live TV (which it does frequently - I have to tune to another channel and then tune back to Showcase to get the picture/audio back), the playback of the recording usually goes blank at the same point.


I subscribed to Shaw Premier TV plus Best of HD about a month ago and Broadchurch is the only program I've had problems recording to date.