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RF remote with PVR 630

Question asked by mdjgcl on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2013 by sarah_sd

I have a PVR 630 that worked fine with an RF remote until recently.  Now I have to be almost directly in front of the PVR without any obstructions in order to power on or off or channels.  As well IR emitters I have are being activated by the rf remote which shouldn't happen.  Shaw replaced the RF remote but it doesn't work either.  They also sent me a reconditioned PVR but still no success.  They are now sending me another new RF remote after a less than competent tech spent all of 5 minutes investigating only to volunteer the shocking revelation that the PVR or remote was bad. Ive already changed codes on the remote.  Looking for suggestions on troubleshooting because SD is no help at all.