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So Disappointed in Loss of "Standard Cable" Channels

Question asked by debgreencasting on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2013 by internaut

We had certain channels coming through our coaxials throughout the house.  These have been the standard cable channels we have been paying for on our basic cable since forever.  We have a PVR in the basement which has different channels coming through on a subscription basis.  On July 30, Shaw took our basic cable away and had us all buy ridiculously expensive boxes to make their digital upgrade work.  (Those boxes should have been free as part of their service, but I won't go there now.)  When I ordered my boxes from Shaw, I was told UNEQUIVOCALLY that I would get back the exact same channels I had lost.  I just installed the boxes and to no surprise, we no longer get W, Comedy and several others that I watched upstairs from the basic coaxial outlets in all our walls.  We do not get those channels downstairs because we do not subscribe to them through our PVR.  Now it appears I am getting the exact same channels upstairs as we get through the PVR, EVEN THOUGH THE NEW BOXES ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE PVR.  So DON'T BUY THOSE BOXES if you are expecting your old channels back.  Attach a splitter at your PVR or existing box and run coaxial to your TVs if you can.  You won't get your old channels and there's a hassle factor with the remotes, but you will get your PVR cable without forking out $138 a box for each TV in your house.  We have a pricey ($168/mo) TV/phone/internet bundle that we would rather not change, but we are so disappointed with Shaw that we are definitely changing service providers.  We don't like being lied to.