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upload speed very slow on shaw broadband 50

Question asked by jtan2000 on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2013 by jtan2000

Hi,  I have signup for shaw broadband 50.


According to shaw speed test. 




Download Speed


Upload Speed




However, in my utorrent the upload speed seem to max at less than 10 k/s.

I have run utorrent setup guide several times for the suggested configuration.


It configure as follows

upload speed test result --- 2.7 Mbps

upload limit --- 265 kB/s

connection per torrent --- 100

max active torrent --- 7 (I set it to 2)


upload slot --- 8  

connection global --- 500

max active download --- 6 (I set it to 2)


Have call shaw internet support but they cannot help me much on 3rd party software.


Please advice and thanks