Horrible channel selection

Discussion created by sparkybc on Aug 25, 2013

Why is it that premier and best if HD the actual channels you get are 70% garbage. For $80 a month it is hardly a deal. Seems more channels are on promos that a person would watch. Disappear and presto $3 or buy a $10 package. Makes absolutely no sense a person can go satellite for way better value. Way more channels for the same price!


The hardware is some of the worst I have ever used in my life.  I moved from bell to shaw cable and for what you actually get is a total rip off. Heck even going shaw direct instead of cable for the same price a person can get almost 300 channels. Compare to a 150. Of which I don't call religion, cartoons and many other channels in the package a deal.


Not sure who sets the pricing and channels for the so called packages but they are no value at all. Even the $10 add on bundles are overpriced. Even the shaw on demand it's rarely updated same old shows sit In there even though at least 3 episodes have aired since.


Prices always go up but certainly lacks a reason. The packages are horrible lot make them worth while a person would have to spend almost $140 vs shaw direct $90 would have the works. So why such wild differences in offerings from shawdirect vs cable. For the same prices 150 channel difference!


I will be glad to leave shaw cable  for TV when I move again in march. Worst experience ever, and don't get me started with the receivers.