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One neverending moment please

Question asked by margn on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by shaw-colin

Hello to Shaw.

Since June we have been getting 'One moment please...' error codes on a steadily increasing number of channels. This applies to two of the three Shaw digital units we use, the HDPVR/HDTV setup has not been affected.

I have tried the steps on the error message page more than a dozen times.

I have 'successfully' activated the two problem units, twice.

The last straw was two nights ago - since then only a handful of channels are available on the two problem setups.


The following channels now show constant error messages:



As you can see, easily half of the channels that we previously enjoyed are now in error mode.

I do hope to hear that this list of channels may share frequencies or show a problem with the line coming into the home, because frankly from here it looks as though some lucky Shaw customers (those with HD receivers and HDTVs)  have received an "upgrade to superb digital service" but the service to others has deteriorated in quality and quantity  while using the same equipment and paying the same rates as prior to this 'upgrade'.
On 2/3 of the Shaw setups in our home there are currently only ten available channels worth watching.

Without a quick fix to the problems this upgrade is causing we will be returning these units and cutting our cable package.

Give me some good news Shaw. Because of this poor service I've missed most of the new season of Breaking Bad and I am not a happy camper.