Harassing phone calls and Shaw's lack of care

Discussion created by chuber on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by frankrizzo

I am receiving harassing phone calls from the people in Pakistan or India or wherever they are, saying they are from Microsoft and want to fix my computer. They have called numerous times in the last month alone and twice today. They have been obscene twice, most recently today. I called the local RCMP who suggested among other things, that I contact my service provider to inform them. I contacted Shaw. The woman I talked to suggested talking to the RCMP, I told her I did and that I just thought Shaw should have this on record. She put me on hold then came back telling me they could upgrade my account to include call blocking. So, instead of actually trying to do something about this problem, they just want more money out of me. And how are they going to block a number that keeps changing? I am disgusted with the response I got. I am disgusted with the money Shaw is already charging for services never mind the fact they want more.