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Moving internet service to new house

Question asked by bkm on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by shaw-matt

Found out at the end of July we had to move to a new house, found a new place by mid-August. Two weeks ago I submitted a request using the online form Shaw provides to request change of location for our internet service (*I've still received no reply to the request as of today). What I am wondering is whether or not I actually need a service tech to come to our new house? Can I just plug into the existing jack/outlet and be good to go? Just looking to have internet service transferred from one home to another, not looking to upgrade anything or add any other services or associated hardware. We'll be in our new home on September 1st by mid afternoon, if I do require a visit from a tech, do they work Sundays and stat holidays? I don't wish for this to be drawn out or complicated as both my wife and I rely on internet for a portion of our jobs, so having a functioning connection by September 2nd is imperative. Any help on this would be great!