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Is anyone else having a problem with e-mail delivery?

Question asked by jhzlwd on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by leechap

Over the last couple of weeks have had this problem using Shaw Webmail:


(1) Some e-mails sent by me not received by the other person although there is a copy in my "Sent" file.

(2) Some e-mails (including e-mail responses) sent to me not appearing in my in-basket. How do I know? The people have phoned to ask "Why don't you ever answer your e-mail?"

(3) All incidents involve conversations with someone outside Alberta (I am in Calgary) but this could be coincidence.


This is happening a lot and causing difficulties. For example, two hotel reservation requests were not delivered - with negative consequences.


I know about the spam filter and have carefully checked settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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