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Cisco DPC3825 Dropping Wired Connection

Question asked by catarsond on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by orient

Hey there, I saw a post about the same problem regarding this modem, but mine is a little different.


I got this modem about a year ago IIRC, and it has been driving me up the wall with its continuous connection dropping. For the most part it runs smoothly, with fast speed and good connection, but it everyday, usually twice or three times a day it'll go for an hour of extremely high ping, and frequent drops. The times generally seem to be around 5PM, 8 or 9 PM, and some other time, but that's just what I've noticed. They happen all throughout the day, and it doesn't matter if everyone on the house is using the internet or I'm the only one, the same effect happens. I'm wondering how to fix this. There is no warning of the drops coming, and the lights on both my router and my modem stay the exact same even when its lagging,  I've literally done almost everything I can think of to try and fix it(Called Shaw, had a tech guy come to the house, and bought a new Router). It's driving me up the wall at this point as I just can't seem to do anything to fix it.


I'm sorry if my exact question has been asked, I've looked around and couldn't find anything exactly like mine, but this is driving me nuts.


PS: I use a wired connection, and it does this frequent dropping.  I have another member in my family that uses wireless and the connection drops for them as well.The modem and Router are literally placed on top of my computer as well.


Thanks for your time.