2 simultaneous recordings - 2nd ends, kills 1st recording AND following ones

Discussion created by bcb on Sep 2, 2013
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thankfully (surprisingly?) my 3510 has been mostly working well since I received my replacement (3rd) expander. So this long weekend I noticed ch38 Encore Ave 2 was running a James Bond marathon, showing all the first 21 films. So I set up scheduled recordings for all of them. So basically tuner #1 has been busy continuosly all weekend recording one after the other.


well the first ~10 movies in a row seemed to record fine (a quick preview of each so far scanning quickly through using Page+ button).  Then yesterday I noticed a Pirate of the Caribbean movie was showing on another channel so I decided to set up that recording (3am ch39, 9/2). I knew that there would be 2 tuners busy, but it would be 3-6am.  nobody would be watching TV, and hey no problem, the 3510 can handle 2 recordings, right? (...right???)


this morning I went to check the 3510 (old habit, you know - to see if any recordings failed) and guess what I found?


- I turned on the TV to find an error message saying: "Error when trying to start recording The Spy That Loved Me" -- that movie was scheduled to start recording at 7:30am 9/2 ch38

- Pirates recorded normally (tuner #2), ending around 6am.

- the other scheduled movie around the same time (For Your Eyes Only, 5:30-7:30 ch38) started recording normally but ended abruptly after only ~30min - coincidentally around the same time Pirates was ending 6am

- the movie scheduled to record immediately next (The Spy Who Loved Me 7:30-9:40 ch38) did NOT record at all

- the red recording light was OFF when I checked the TV approx 10am (it should have been recording whatever next movie that was currently scheduled)

- I checked the recording list and the currently live playing movie Casino Royale (started 9:40am) was NOT being recorded


- there's still a ton of space available on the new extender, so it can't be a disk space issue


at this point I could not manually set a recording for Casino Royale since in the guide it still had the red dot - so the box thought it was already recording the show. but it was clearly not recording, it did not show at all in the recordings list (normally would say In Progress). I had to power cycle the 3510, then Casino Royale started to record, already in progress.


in SUMMARY:  there were 2 tuners busy recording scheduled programs. When one of the shows ended, around the same time it abruptly aborted the recording on the other tuner.  from that point onward, other scheduled recordings did not start at all, even though there should have been only 1 tuner active in those later cases.


something seriously broken when 2 tuners are busy, this is not the first problem I've encountered with 2 tuner issues. Since the 3510 only has 2 tuners, and now with the DNU it's impossible to use the TV's own tuner to even simply watch a show, I say this is a highly critical issue. Very frustrating (though, nothing new with this 3510)


luckily I was not away on vacation for this long weekend, otherwise I'm sure I would have lost all my future recordings after  6am

we'll see what happens later tonight, I have a regular series recording scheduled (Amazing Race) and 2 tuners will again be busy since the Bond marathon continues through tomorrow. Fingers crossed..