official list of known issues with DCX-3510

Discussion created by bcb on Sep 2, 2013
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as a public service, I hereby post the official list of known issues with the 3510 / HD Guide:


[... CRICKETS...]




yes, that's right fellow long-suffering 3510 owners, there is NO such list, in spite of repeated promises of more/better communication to customers of such kind of things. why is that so?  it doesn't even need to be a list of things promised to be fixed in the next release, we just want to know that Shaw acknowledges certain bugs exist and confirm that engineering **IS** looking at them.


over at digitalhome, this kind of info exists for the gateway. even though it's an unofficial list, I'm pretty sure there are Shaw employees unofficially contributing at least some of the info.


[shaw]Sean, we've spoken at least a couple times about this very thing over the phone and each time you've agreed such thing would be useful and that you'd try to put something together. But still nothing. It's now over 8 months that I've patiently put up with this ill-coded/ill-tested box. August has now come and gone, and I'm sure beta testing is still ongoing as you've indicated. I for one fully understand the need to properly test code before release, so I agree with the policy of testing to your satisfaction even if it delays previously promised dates.  But come on, we need more acknowledgement our many, many, MANY emails and forum postings reporting bugs are actually being heard AND being looked at. and hopefully some forward progress on solving some of them too.


A list of known issues with the 3510 would be so useful to everyone.


Obviously this info exists within Shaw. I know you forum mods are not originators of such info. but surely your job is to communicate to customers, and you should be able to get that info to us. (Or maybe I'm being overly optimistic that Shaw indeed is compiling this list of known issues???)


but in a vacuum of information and with ongoing problems, all Shaw's PAYING customers can do is get more and more frustrated.  I tell everyone I know to avoid Shaw's new HD Guide boxes until the software is properly fixed. Meanwhile a collection of solicitations from Telus keeps piling up on my desk...