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Why is SHAW not interested in keeping the guide accurate?

Question asked by beachluvver on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by andyk

For over 20 years we've suffered inaccurate viewing information.  Every time I phone to ask why the guide isn't up to date I get told to contact the program supplier (eg. TSN) as it's their problem!

Can we be grown-ups please and admit there is a problem and get the thing resolved.  It's no good having tens of channels, pvrs, hd and all the futuristic technology if we can't rely on the guide!  Or is it the plan to eventually sell a new pvr every year that can record 2 more simultaneous channels than the previous release and eventually we'll be able to record all the channels just to increase our chances of recording the ones we want?

Realistically it would take one of the staff a portion of his/her time to check that the guide is up to date or make changes as required.  The live events are usually what require most attention.

Yesterday I had NASCAR where soccer should be and soccer where the NASCAR should be.  SNAFU.

SHAW, technological wizards, please don't say there nothing that can be done!  That would be lame.  Why not just say, "We care about our customers and we'll fix it!"

Please, I don't think I have another 20 years!