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Discussion created by phantor48 on Sep 3, 2013
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I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer as to why the 3510 PVR spends so much of its time "phoning home" to the Shaw servers. I am told that it needs to do this in order to update its scheduling yadda yadda yadda.


My old TiVo would "phone home" once a day (to extend its future programming information). It would normally do this in the wee hours of the night, and unless there was some firmware update to be downloaded, the call would take maybe a couple of minutes.


By contrast, the 3510 "phones home" every half hour -- on the hour and half hour -- and each "call" lasts typically 10-20 minutes. Doing this arithmetic, this means that the 3510 is connecting to the Shaw servers f,r ~12 HOURS EVERY DAY. Am I just being paranoid, or is this somewhat excessive??

Why such a dependence on the mothership?


A few weeks ago, some users were unable to delete programs from their PVRs. Shaw acknowledged that this was due to a glitch "at their end". But why should MY PVR, located in MY HOUSE, be unable to erase a program that I HAVE RECORDED without getting "permission" from Big Brother? The Shaw servers should have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with such a user action.


I am concerned that we are being sold a bill of goods on the 3510. Not only is it NOT doing the things that a PVR should be doing, or at least not doing them properly, but it IS doing a lot of things that are suspicious at best, a gross violation of privacy at worst.


Is Shaw under contract to Obama or something?


I would like from Shaw a frank discussion -- not just glib and vague platitudes -- about why there is such a dependence on the mothership. Isn't the 3510 supposed to be a fairly advanced machine?


In other news, we are starting to wean ourselves away from our email addresses (the only thing holding us to Shaw). If the promised firmware update has not arrived and addressed the 3510 issues by the time we have finished this migration, the search for a new services provider will begin.