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Meaning of "Error loading page 408-408" on DCX3510-M

Question asked by lmacri on Sep 4, 2013
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Does anyone know the meaning of "error loading page 408 - 408" on a Motorola DCX3510-M HD PVR?


I took my DCX3510-M out of standby this morning at 8:00 AM CT (CBL | PWR) and my TV displayed a small orange box with the phrase "ekioh" next to it and a message stating "error loading page 408 - 408".  At 11:15 AM CT the problem seemed to resolve itself - the PVR re-booted itself (i.e., the front panel of the PVR showed "boot", then "APP") and the PVR came back online.


While the PVR was offline I was able to change my video source to VIDEO 3 (my standard def TV) and watch TV channels like the Weather Channel (Ch 70) and CBC Newsworld (Ch 45) that still broadcast in analog.  Please note that the analog CCTV camera in the lobby of my apartment broadcasts on Ch 117 and can't be tuned by the DCX3510-M, so I have a separate coax cable that runs directly from the signal splitter to my TV so that I can tune in analog channels with my TV tuner if I switch to VIDEO 3.