New technology?  New Functionality?  Who Needs it?

Discussion created by jnkyrd on Sep 4, 2013
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I currently have an Motorola 6416 which I purchased a number of years ago.  When more & more HD channels started being broadcast in MPEG4, and no option from Shaw other than to scrap my old box, I thought I might break down and buy a new box.  From what I have seen in these forums, I’m glad I haven’t yet.


But I am having fun reading the “needs” of the consumers and the “logic” from the Shaw gurus pushing this “new technology” with all its “functionality”.


Simultaneous Recording - I can count on the fingers of 1 hand how many times I have had 2 shows recording at the same time.  There is so little on TV that I can’t imagine needing more.  If you are recording 6 channels at he same time you have to sit and watch 6 hours for every hour of record. Who has that much time?


Blocking SD channels – There have been times when the HD signal was so bad that we had to switch live TV to the SD signal.  The new box reduces the functionality.


The Guide – Having the guide limited to showing only those channels to which one subscribes is a lost opportunity for Shaw.  I will flip through the entire guide on my 6400 just to see what I am not missing.  Who knows, one day I may find one subscriber channel interesting enough to purchase.  Again, the new box reduces functionality.


Most of the people I know have TV wants about the same as I.  Deliver a good signal (video & audio), reliably record a show so I can watch a 1 hour show in 44 minutes. 


By and large the 6400 does this.  The only thing that is missing is the MPEG4 Codec which, since it is a computer and the Codec is software, should be a piece of cake, just like it is on my PC (which is older than my 6400).  The rest of the stuff is not really needed but they have convinced you that you have to have it.