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microsoft office 2010 outlook email set up, help

Question asked by bradywill on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by kevinds

I have been attempting to set up my Shaw e-mail address in windows 8, using Microsoft office 2010 outlook.


now because i am in Hamilton, unfortunately i have been transferred to Rogers and i have called Rogers regarding this issue with e-mail and they don't yet have me on file, so they have said to go to Shaw because Rogers doesn't know the e-mail servers for Shaw.


apparently i have not been transferred to there system and have been told to stay with Shaw and Shaw says ask Rogers?!


so, i really need help trying to set up the Shaw e-mail account. i have gone through the windows 8 outlook steps, however it does me no good, that seems to apply to "windows live e-mail" and i want to use my office 2010 outlook e-mail.


i also tried to set it up using the outlook 2010 and i get the message "please enter your username and password, i don\t know what they are. if someone can assist me that would be wonderful