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Very slow download speed since Sept 1 - support was unwilling to help

Question asked by dclark on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by kevinds

We have the 10Mbps cable internet package with Shaw, with the SMC8014 router/modem.  On September 1, my connection became very slow, and has stayed that way ever since.  I was previously able to get 6-8 Mbps on the Shaw speedtest site, but now I seem to be capped at 0.46 Mbps, regardless of the time of day I try the test.  I am experiencing this slowdown on my main computer, which is cabled directly to the modem - no wireless connections or splitters are involved.  My connection is immediately saturated by any kind of download or streaming, or even large webpage loads - I now regularly hit 2000ms ping times to servers less than 100 km away if there's any load on the network.  The performance is the same in safe mode and normal mode.


I spoke to a customer service person, and they were initially helpful - they tried a few things to confirm my line, and eventually gave up and decided a service visit would be required.  That appointment was made.  Unfortunately, they called back ten minutes later to say that the performance I am now experiencing is "normal and expected", and that they were cancelling the service visit.


I have been a loyal customer of Shaw for more than a decade, and I understand that the 10Mbps figure is only valid under ideal circumstances.  I'm unwilling, however, to accept that I should now be happy with performance that has suddenly been reduced to 5% of that figure, with no recourse.


Can anyone help?