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Bandwidth issues

Question asked by jthazleh on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Hi I have been having trouble with my internet for several months ( like 12 of them) but travel on business a lot and have not had time to address them.


Here are the issues. My PS3 disconnects from the network all the time, My Netflix never reaches any picture image over 384 SD, When I stream from my media player on my laptop or PC to my PS3 the images pause and the bandwidth has to buffer the image constantly.  And my skype drops at least 10 times a night. I do not use all of these at once usually only one at a time so it is not the bandwidth usage in my home. I have tried performing these actions at other peoples homes by moving my PS3 and my Laptop and have tried running the same connections and they work fine. Power Cycling my modem does not help. I have tried wired and wireless and both are equally crappy with wireless being slightly more crappy than wired but to have my own media player not able to stream hardwired through the modem is terrible.


Is my modem capped? Is my service capped? Where has my connection been throttled on your end? and where can I get a new modem to try it out? (at your expense obviously,