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Black screen :(

Question asked by moune on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I few days ago I made changes to my tv packages which included getting a new HDPVR. Today I had a Shaw Service tech come to the house to install the new HDPVR (Not Gateway).   Once he was gone I realized I was missing a channel that we watch a lot so I called to get it added.  This took forever (on hold for a long time).   After hanging up the first time I went to look for the added channel (or should I say the 10 channels I was forced to buy to get the one I wanted).  It's not there.  So I call again - and wait again.   I am told that it is showing as already being added so I am told that they have to transfer me to support.  This of course took more waiting.  

I finally get someone in tech.  He reboots.  Twice.  Because the first time it got stuck on APP.   I was told because I had plugged it in to a power bar.  I told the support guy that no - I had not - Shaw's service guy did.   After the second reboot the HDPVR finally cycles through properly.  Or so I though.  When I was told to turn it on again and I did - all I got was a black screen.   And to make matters worse - I was then disconnected.

So - now I have been on hold (no option given to hang up and keep my place in queu) for 47 minutes and I still have a black screen!!