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Extremely slow speeds on 100 Mbps plan.

Question asked by jedarius on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by [shaw]heather



This has been happening for the last month or so.  I first noticed it when I started getting hiccups when streaming on Netflix and


I am on the 100 Mbps plan, the following speed tests are done on a wired connection directly from the modem to my computer, with no applications/programs running:


As you can see, these speeds do not come anything close to 100 Mbps, I understand that most speed test servers usually do not break ~40 Mbps...but these results speak for themselves.


I then went to test the speed on Shaw's own speed test site and everything looks peachy:



I tried to download something through Steam (as their servers are usually very reliable, I usually get 3.0 MB/s+ on them)...and here is the result, extremely slow actual download speed:




Please help.