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Anyone else seeing very slow Internet speeds recently?

Question asked by jrivett on Sep 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by kryptonite42o
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For the last few weeks (since about mid-August 2013), the download speed on my Shaw Extreme plan has been getting slower. It's now almost unusable at times. It had been consistently excellent for ages before that. I normally get around 20 Mbps, and I'm getting closer to 5 Mbps and even slower at times. Web surfing is painful. Netflix reverts to a grainy picture.


Things I've tried:

- ran speed tests on different LAN computers: same result

- reset the modem: no effect

- reset the router: no effect

- connected my main PC directly to the modem: no effect


Note: most current Internet speed tests are based on Flash and are extremely inaccurate. That includes the Shaw test. I did some searching, and found some speed tests that are based on HTML5 and are much more accurate. Both of these speed tests also show a history for your speed test results, which is very handy. One of them also shows your current speed relative to your best and to others on the same service. Here there are: Broadband Internet Speed Test

SpeedOf.Me, HTML5 Speed Test | Non Flash/Java Broadband Speed Test


Another useful network test is the ICSI Netalyzr. In my most recent tests, Netalyzer shows this (I don't see this normally):

"Background measurement of network health (?): 1 transient outages, longest: 0.6 seconds  

During most of Netalyzr's execution, the client continuously measures the state of the network in the background, looking for short outages. During testing, the client observed 1 such outages. The longest outage lasted for 0.6 seconds. This suggests a general problem with the network where connectivity is intermittent. This loss might also cause some of Netalyzr's other tests to produce incorrect results."


Shaw sent a tech and he found nothing wrong. The account is provisioned correctly and the signal levels are fine. To me, that means there are problems with the Shaw infrastructure somewhere. The tech said he suspected that there are issues in Burnaby, and that I should continue to report this problem. Count this post as another report.


Anyone else in Burnaby having speed issues?