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Pixilation, lost satellite reception!

Question asked by on Sep 7, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by mikeh

I've been a Starchoice (Shaw customer) for many years, probably 10.  I've always enjoyed my service with very few problems.  If a good rain or snow storm perhaps strong wind would occur i would except some issues with satellite reception.  Recently i've been experiencing problems with pixilating and lost satellite reception.  When i go outside to check the weather there is no wind, rain or anything other than stars in the sky.  We have been on the phone to reps and checked signal strength and every other thing like unplugging and resetting.  I am still having the same problem but only sometimes.  Today my wife called Shaw to explain the issue and was told our equipment was old and needed replaced.  Something to do with a new satellite that was launched that needed new technology to work. She was also told of the cost to us.  I just upgraded to the HD boxes 2 to 3 years ago!  Why on earth would i buy new boxes again?  If this is what is needed to fix the problem i will have no choice but to look into Bell or Rogers for my tv needs.  I would prefer not but this is ridiculous considering i already pay 101.52 per month.