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What is wrong with the internet?

Question asked by adikajt on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Recently (maybe around 1 - 2 weeks ago) we had a technician come out and *upgrade* our connection to double the speed or more for the same price as we are paying now.
Lately, when playing video games or browsing the net the connection speed begins to slow down dramatically, and doesn't even load, my xbox states it is at Moderate connection and doesn't change.  BEFORE the guy came out and changed everything to this Cisco modem stuff the connection was stable and was fine. Now it's cutting out every 20 or so minutes, freezing and wont even come on.


Like what is the point of the service?


In the beginning of the *upgrade* the connect speeds are amazing, 85+ MBPS Down and 5+(should be higher IMO) MBPS Up and for 2 days it was perfect and now it is not so good, barely reaching 60 MBPS Down and 2 MBPS up. The technician said, everything will work fine as long as the guy pushes the right button at the HQ. So is there some guy doing this on purpose, pushing random buttons to mess with the internet. Cannot be here since the installation was done by the "professional". SO why is it always at SHAW.


WE pay internet and phone and have been loyal customers for quite a long time and now all of a sudden this stuff AGAIN. I would normally just unplug everything and replug it in and would fix the cutting out problem but then the problem re-emerges.  What is the problem and why is it happening?