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Missing channels on PVR

Question asked by sobral on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I was comparing the channels I have on my guide to those supposedly available on Shaw and noticed that I am missing several HD channels.

After almost an hour "chatting" with Shaw tech support who couldn't figure out why, she dispatched a tech (2 weeks later) who also couldn't figure out why.

The tech called tech support and they told them that those channels are no longer carried (not correct).

The channels in question are:

229 APTN

240 H2

253 Lifetime

254 Slice

268 EA 2

247 EQ

258 RADx

248 HiFi


It appears that these channels are mpeg4 channels and require special equipment to view them (thanks Shaw for providing new channels that require customers to buy new equipment to get them).  My PVR is a DCX-3400-M which according to the Shaw support posting is mpeg4 compatible but I still don't get these channels.


Does anyone have any insight on this?


Thanks in advance.