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Certain YouTube Videos Not Loading

Question asked by kirashi on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by phillipsjk
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At approximately 8pm Pacific Standard Time, I started experiencing YouTube Video loading issues on certain videos. Specifically, the HTML page loads fine, most of the time with thumbnail images, and even the SWF and/or HTML5 players load, but the actual video file never streams.


Yes, I have tried multiple web browsers, resetting cache and extensions, as well as another computer in the house. (and of course, the obligatory Router/Modem reboot.) In fact, other people and friends in my area are experiencing the same issues I describe. We are on Shaw Cablesystems ( here in Lantzville, BC, Canada; specifically V0R2H0 postal code.


I'm not here to complain or accuse any wrongdoing on either Google or Shaw's part; I'm simply inquiring as to other people having the same issue in case there's a backbone network or routing problem with YouTube's Content Distribution Network streaming certain videos.


This video works fine for me:


Strangely enough, another on his channel does not:


These videos below are the ones which don't load:


This is also posted on Google Product Forums here:!category-topic/youtube/3i9nwRJ00V4