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Cisco DPC3825 Strict NAT Type

Question asked by jeffryan on Sep 10, 2013
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I started using the Cisco DPC3825 router that Shaw gave me but I can't find any settings for NAT Type or UPnP. I know where they should be and they usually easy to find as I have a Cisco router but they're just not there. I don't want to hit the little reset button as someone suggested in another post since I have changed settings that need to be changed and don't want to do it again. Basically the only the I changed was enabled some port range triggering as there are 2 xboxs on my network, set my MTU size to help with lagging when gaming and I did not enable DMZ (most "gaming" router setups suggest this, and so did someone in another post on this site but I also have two computers using this network and would prefer not to do this).


I know I need to open my NAT Type and enable UPnP but can't do it. As for the UPnP specifically, does anyone know 100% positive what the default setting is? Because in two posts two people said the opposite thing but when clicking on help in the router settings it says:

"If you want to use UPnP, keep the default setting, Enable. Otherwise, select Disable."

But I cant select anything anyway, so maybe not the most reliable source...


Currently my xbox is hardwired for best connectivity.


Looking for help from anyone but preferably a Shaw person, just don't have the time to call this morning.