Old DCX3510 problems recurring out of nowhere

Discussion created by fcs on Sep 10, 2013
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A couple of old problems have just recurred with my DCX3510 pvr.  This is very stressful and frustrating.  I know there is no use phoning and waiting for Shaw support.  Been there, done that - and Shaw cannot get  programs back that didn't record.  And they don't know why a series records the same show twice at the same time.


Two important shows did not record on Sunday, Sep 8th - The Newsroom and Dexter.  When opening these shows, it displays 0:0  0:0


Today an old series program on my pvr recorded twice.  I looked at the future schedule, and this program will record twice for the foreseeable future.  I deleted the series, and tried to reset it - but it wants to record two shows instead of one.  I powered everything off, etc etc, tried again, and the series wants to record two shows each time.  So I have individually recorded each show for the next week.  What is up?  And why out of nowhere?


Can you help me with this series recording so that it will only record one show instead of two at the exact same time?


Can you tell me why a show looks like it's recording, shows up in the list as a recording, but contains nothing?