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Offered Speed vs Actual Speed

Question asked by siriusly.andrew on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by siriusly.andrew

Good evening,


I have an issue with the offered speed provided by Shaw Communications vs the real world speed achieved on said services. For $60/Month we should receive *up to* 25Mbps down and *up to* 2.5Mbps up. In the last few months my download speed has varied dramatically, from 4mbps to 17mbps. In my opinion this is very unreliable and inconsistent. Please consider that each time I try to gauge my provider speed it's on a work week day, typically Tuesday, late at night around 11:30pm - 1:30am. I feel local traffic should have a very limited affect on test results at these times so it seemed more logical to test at these times. While it can be very inconsistent, I must convey some gratitude. At least I get SOMETHING.


Because while my download rates can vary widely, my upload rate is very consistent. Consistently shit. I've NEVER in my entire time testing, broke 0.5Mbps upload. I cannot have a proper Skype call with colleagues or family. I'd love to point the finger at my hardware, but that is highly unlikely. I'd like to say it was on their end but I receive their video just fine. High Quality Video, as skype puts it. I have a new Logitech webcam that supports high quality video, except my ISP (Shaw Communications) cannot provide me the bandwidth necessary to send the high quality video to whomever I am speaking with.


So what this amounts to is -- I get the download speed, but I NEED the upload speed. It's great they can claim up to 25Mbps down and provide close to it on certain occasions, but I feel robbed when they claim up to 2.5Mbps up and never provide even half of the speed being offered and paid for. Is there any way to get a change in the accuracy of these claims and price adjustments focused around speedsclaimed vs the speeds actually obtained?