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The pain of sharing internet with tenant

Question asked by lyxblue88 on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by kevinds

As stated in the title, I share the same internet service(broband 50) with my renter.  When he goes online, he keeps using software that slows down the internet.  One of the many software he uses is called "PPS Stream" that constantly downloads and uploads massive amount of data from the internet.  Therefore, every time he is at home, I can't enjoy my gaming experience.  I love to game with my friends at night but I can't anymore because of him.  Every time I want to play a game, I have to go outside to see if his car is there so he doesn't interrupt my game.  It is stressful to have to constantly worry about him.  In addition, it's very depressing to stop in the middle of a game because of the constant lag spikes he causes after he comes back from work. 


I am thinking of buying a new internet service that will cost me another 60 dollars each month or is there a way I can limit his upload and download speed technically.  For example, since Broband 50 offers over 3 mbps upload speed, is there a ways to split it in half so each of us can use 1.5 mbps.