two-tuner recording failures

Discussion created by bcb on Sep 14, 2013
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a new problem recording today with the 3510, once again the problem seems to be related to having both tuners actively recording simultaneously. Basically I've learned to expect a good chance of failure recording when 2 tuners are active recording.


background of today's observation :

(1) scheduled recording for Rear Window, Sep 14, ch38, 12:10pm-2:05pm. recording started normally

(2) at just after 12:30pm, wife noticed Notting Hill was on live TV, ch40 - so at 12:32pm I tuned to ch40 then manually started recording it (scheduled time slot 12:30pm-3:00pm)

(3) left the TV on ch40 with the 2nd movie on live TV


at this point, everything seemed normal - both record lights on as expected....


However, about 11 minutes later while continuing  to watch live TV of (2), the whole picture "blinked" momentarily - i.e. went full screen black for a fraction of a second, then returned to the live TV picture. Then a moment later, it did the same - blink to black then back to live TV. But now, the audio for the live TV program was gone. i.e. silent Adjusting the TV volume setting had no effect. 


so I turned off the 3510 using the remote, then turned it back on.


This restored the audio, HOWEVER, when the 3510 turned on again it was now tuned to the other movie (1) on channel 38, not ch40 where it was before I turned it off. Strange, I thought - why did the live TV switch to the other tuner all by itself?... 


this got me suspicious something strange happened with the 2 tuners during that momentary blinking/glitch.

Meanwhile, both recording red lights were still on, so it *looked* like the recordings were still in progress. Recording list also showed both recordings still in progress. Just to see what happened, I let both recordings finish according to their scheduled times.


Long story short, it screwed up BOTH recordings, at around that 11min point after the 2nd recording started


here are some detailed observations of the state of both recordings, AFTER the glitch. 


- after the blink & sound dropout occurred, while live TV was still tuned to the 2nd movie (2) on ch40, pressed OK then selected "watch from beginning" to see if the movie was still recording. But doing this would not playback the recording - instead the picture would freeze whatever was on live TV at the time, and the progress bar would come up, advancing AS IF the recording was playing back. but nothing but freeze frame of the live TV image.

- upon exiting such failed playback, the tuner would jump by itself to the other movie (1) on ch38.

- this was repeatable. ie I tried and same thing happened a few minutes after the glitch, and same thing happened 2 hours into the recording


- after letting the scheduled recording times pass, I checked the recording list. Both movies showed up and appeared to record normally

- upon playback, the first movie seemed to record the full 1hr 55min duration - as indicated by the progress bar length. But on playback, it quits and kicks out to live TV around 34 minutes in. It is impossible to play or FF past the 34 minute mark.

- upon playback, the 2nd movie seemed to record the full 2hr 28min duration (remember, I manually started recording 2 minutes into the broadcast). but on playback, this 2nd movie quits and kicks out to live TV around 11 minutes in. It is impossible to play or FF past the 11 minute mark.


If you do the math, you can see both recordings fail at around the same point in time as when I noticed the blinking and audio glitch on live TV. The recordings *seemed* to continue after that point, but clearly something screwed up the recordings.


I'm thinking that just because I happened to have live TV on at the time, the blinking & audio dropout was just another manifestation of our dear old friend, "getting kicked out to live TV" problem, but this time happening in-progress.  Maybe it's also related to the other simultaneous 2 tuner problem I reported recently.


in any case, there seems to be something seriously broken with the 2 tuners and how they work. (or more correctly, DON'T work), and these latest 2 problems aren't the only ones I've noticed when 2 tuners are busy.


very frustrating. but then, that's certainly nothing new when it comes to living with the 3510 after almost nine months....

it would SURE BE NICE if we had any sort of hint that Shaw engineers are aware of these kind of tuner problems and they have even remote possibility of fixing them at some time in the future??