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phantom 2-tuner "conflicts" when there should be none

Question asked by bcb on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

I've reported this problem before, but I'm sure it's been lost in the shuffle and I think it's another sign there's something wrong with the code handling two tuner recording simultaneously. Since there's no way of knowing if this problem is being looked into (gee, wouldn't an official list of known issues be nice??), I report it again here, in it's latest incarnation:


general problem:

sometimes when I set a scheduled series recording, an error message pops up "Series Recording Conflict", warning that some episodes overlap other episodes happening at the same time and therefore one of them won't be recorded. However upon checking the detailed schedule there is no actual conflict, but instead only a total max  2 shows scheduled to record simultaneously. Since the 3510 is a two-tuner PVR, this should be fully allowed (and in most cases there is no such warning when just 2 shows overlap)


specific example:

- try to set series recording set for Million Second Quiz on ch83 NBC(eastern feed) starting 5pm EDT. normally 1hr, but Thur 9/19 is 2hrs 5-7pm

- there happens to be another series recording already scheduled on Thursdays, ch29 HGTV, Real Potential. 2 new back to back 30min episodes: 6-6:30pm and 6:30-7pm


but when trying to set the series recording for MSQ, the following conflict error message pops up:

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.25.44 AM.jpg

normally, if there was a real conflict this error box would list 2 already scheduled shows plus the 3rd one you're attempting to add that will conflict. but note there's no other shows at all listed this time.


If I set the supposedly conflicting series and check the recording schedule, there are never more than 2 tuners busy during any of the MSQ timeslots, which I confirmed by carefully checking all future scheduled show days. All days except Thur 9/19, there is only 1 tuner busy during the 5-6pm timeslot recording MSQ. Then on Thu 9/19,  2 tuners are in use during the overlap of the two sequential Real Potential episodes and the 2 hour MSQ episode. But there should not be a conflict reported in this case because there are only/exactly 2 tuners in use at any time.


I can set many other recordings where exactly 2 tuners are busy but this message does NOT come up (as it correctly should not)

Of course, you would expect this warning message if you do in fact try to record 3 or more things in the same time slot. But that's clearly not the case here.


this is not the first time I've seen this kind of phantom conflict warning when there is no real conflict. as I've said before there are some strange bugs in the 3510 related to 2 active tuners, I really hope this is an area being investigated by the Shaw engineering team