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Is Shaw on demand the New Blockbuster?

Question asked by ttodd0450 on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2013 by oldsmobile98

If any one remembers .,, back in the day when Blockbuster was King of the Video business they ( the chain ) decided to follow a few customers complaints about the black bars being displayed on their TV's  so Blockbusters used to bring in ( on the DVD releases )  8 Full frames and two letterbox discs for all new releases ,, and of course the letterbox titles were never there .. always rented out .. When asked why the ratio was 8/2   their response was the customers have the right to demand no black bars on their TV.s .. Fair enough  That is why widescreen TV's are a big hit  they are 16 x9  or 1:78  for the vast majority of titles being released .


So imagine my surprise when we decide to rent or use Shaw on Demand last night to down load The Great Gatsby  ( in HD @ $5.99)  to display on our new LG  55in  LED  TV ... Sure it filled the screen corner to corner and the picture was about 80% true to major Blue Ray Tech specs ..


But this is a 2:40 .1  ratio film  not 1:78 ..   as what we paid for (rental)


So I am wondering if the movie division that licencees out the films to pay per view venues such as Shaw and others  are following Blockbusters wrong ways of thinking ..???????


major disappointed ..!!


Well  if I don't  wish to buy . .there is always the never fail  Bit Torrent way to go ......



Thoughts ???