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DNU, Internet Service and Customer Expectations

Question asked by audacity on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2013 by shaw-colin

I live in Spruce Grove (postal code starts with T7X) and I would like to get a updated ETA on the DNU.  I realize that the DNU has been significantly delayed from the originally announced time-frame and have adjusted my expectations accordingly.  My new concern is that I don't seem to find any mentions on the shaw website of 10mbps upload speeds being associated with BB100 internet service anymore.

I currently subscribe to BB100, and I'm interested in the speed boost from 5mbps up to 10mbps up.  Since my upload speed is only 5mbps still, I'm assuming this upgrade hasn't happened yet.  I've seen other threads where Shaw Employees state that the DNU is happening in multiple phases, and gaining additional upload speed will only happen in the last phase.  They also mentioned that BB250 didn't need to wait for the final phase.

So, my questions:

1.  What is the status of the DNU in my neighborhood, and when can I expect BB100 to include 10mbps upload (if ever)?

2.  If BB250 is available in the first phase of the DNU, does this mean I can get 15mbps upload speeds (soon/now) by simply by subscribing to BB250 and not need to wait for BB100 if I want to get more than 5mbps up?